1966 and All That!

The Court House ballroom rocked to the sounds of the sixties on May 14th, when Unlocking Warwick staged ‘1966 and All That!’ celebrating fifty years after the famous year of Swinging Britain. 

Guests dressed up in a variety of sixties clothes, and danced to DJ Stevie’s selection of classic hits. There was a fish and chip supper, followed by a quiz all about 1966. A show-and-tell area featured some of the volunteers memorabilia, with a display of pictures and local newspaper articles about the big social changes taking place 50 years ago – in fashion, transport, housing and cinema. 

At the end the guests had to be persuaded to go home with the DJ playing ‘Go now’ by the Moody Blues. Many sent messages saying they had enjoyed the evening immensely, and hoped that there will be more period dances in the ballroom in the future.