A little bit of rock ‘n’ roll

The July Tea Dance in the Court House on 11th featured a bit of coaching on rock ‘n’ roll as well as the more traditional ballroom favourites, the waltz, quickstep and social foxtrot.

Coaches Barbara and Greta from the Majestic Dance Club showed guests the steps and moves for each dance. Soon everyone was into the swing of things, and clearly enjoying the afternoon immensely. 

In between the dance sessions, guests enjoyed some tea, coffee and fine cakes provided and served by organiser Cllr. Dorothy Da Cruz, with help from Unlocking Warwick volunteers. 

The monthly Tea Dances in the ballroom, held on a Tuesday, are a great way for local people to meet each other in a friendly setting, and dancing is a good way to remain supple and fit.

There’s room for more people to join in. No experience is required. The dates coming up are August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 22nd and December 12th. So if you know of someone who might particularly appreciate a Tea Dance in the Regency ballroom in the centre of Warwick, do let them know.