A Quiz for Summer

It’s the first of the month, and that means another of Helen’s ‘Not In The Ballroom’ quizzes. 

For July she has chosen the theme of summer. Twenty questions as usual. How many can you get?

1. In which month does the summer solstice occur in the northern hemisphere?
2. In England, where do people assemble to see the summer solstice?
3. Name one of the three summer signs of the zodiac.
4. ‘Soleil’ means sun in which language?
5. The month of July was named after which historical figure?
6. Which iconic summer music festival first took place in 1970 attended by 1,500 people?
7. With which band would you associate the 1969 song ‘Here comes Summer’? (Correction 1970 Ed.).
8. Name the 1980s girl band who sang about a ‘Cruel Summer’.
9. Which 1963 film starred Cliff Richard driving a converted London double decker bus across Europe?
10. With which TV comedy duo would you associate the song ‘Bring me Sunshine’?
11. Last of the Summer Wine was set and filmed in and around Holmfirth in which English county?
12. What vitamin can you get from direct sunlight?
13. Apart from fruit what is the other main ingredient of summer pudding?
14. It is estimated that roughly 27 tons of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream are consumed by fans at which sports tournament?
15. Before they were used for playing, Frisbees served what purpose in the kitchen?
16. Edgbaston is the home of which County Cricket Club?
17. London has hosted the summer Olympic Games three times, can you name the years?
18. What type of summer clothing is an espadrille?
19. Which popular three-quarter length women’s trousers, named after an Italian island, were introduced in 1948?
20. In which Shakespeare play would you find the characters Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of the fairies?

Send your replies to info@unlockingwarwick.org and we’ll declare a winner in a week’s time. 

We will hope to bring back our monthly ‘In The Ballroom’ socials at the Court House as soon  as it is completely safe to do so. But in the meantime we’ll keep posting Helen Fellows’ brainteasers online.