A “Wonderful” Evening – Pictures of the Ball

The guests who came to the Warwick Christmas Regency Ball on December 7th were full of praise for the authentic Regency atmosphere in the Court House ballroom, the superb costumes and the fine period dancing. 

A couple from Arizona who were visiting family members in Warwick said, “We’ve had the most wonderful evening. The ballroom is beautiful”. Others who had travelled from Lincolnshire said the ball was “marvellous”. There was warm appreciation of the excellent live music from the specialist trio, Mr. Sayer’s Players, and the guidance of Dance Director, Frances Richardson, who called the various moves with great clarity so that the dancing was stylish and beautifully coordinated. 

Many of the guests were Regency dance enthusiasts who had travelled to Warwick from all over the country, staying overnight in nearby hotels. Others were local residents – some trying this kind of dancing for the first time. “It’s surprisingly energetic” said one, “and really enjoyable!”.

During the interval between the two dance sessions, Unlocking Warwick volunteers served a selection of fine canapés. This year’s interval entertainment featured ‘The Prince Regent’s Diary’, a light-hearted look at some of the big events of the first decade of the 19th century, with Ashley Hayward playing a silly and out-of-touch Prince of Wales. 

The Regency Ball – the sixth organised by Unlocking Warwick since the Court House was reopened after refurbishment – was brilliantly organised once again by Tricia Scott, with nine other volunteers working behind the scenes to prepare the ballroom and the staircase with authentic decorations, serve drinks at the bar including traditional Negus Punch, prepare and serve trays of canapés and provide an original entertainment, helped very much by the enthusiastic support of the Court House Custodian, Berkeley Williams.

Thanks to all. The prolonged applause and cheers at the end of the ball said it all!  A great evening in the Court House.