And the Winner is…

The ‘Not In The Ballroom Quiz’ for May devised by Helen Fellows was about birds. And it was quite difficult. Thank you to those that entered.

And the winner is… The Mayor! Cllr Neale Murphy was one of the first to send in his answers, and scored thirteen correct out of twenty. Well done Mr. Mayor, sir. But you may have to wait awhile for the traditional In The Ballroom prize of a small bag of sweets or chocolate!

The monthly socials ‘In The Ballroom’ at the Jury Street Court House remain suspended for obvious reasons, and may well not return for many months. So Helen is promising to continue devising a quiz each month, and we’ll post it here for anyone to have a go, with the answers posted a week later. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the June quiz, and send your answers to  No cheating now!