Answers to November Quiz

Here are the answers to the Animal Kingdom Quiz devised by Helen Fellows for November. Thank you to everyone who sent in their answers. 

There is no prize for the winner – just the satisfaction  of knowing you have come top of the class. And this week , Trudy from the Visitor Information Centre saw off all the competition to score a terrific 19 out of 20.

Here are the answers: 

1. What is the largest member of the cat family?  Siberian Tiger (will accept Tiger).

2. In which mountain range would you find the snow leopard?  Himalayas

3. What was the name of the Lion in the Chronicles of Narnia written by C. S. Lewis?  Aslan

4. Which dog breed is the tallest in the world?  Irish Wolfhound

5. What is the name of The Simpsons’ dog?  Santa’s Little Helper

6. Originally domesticated by the Incas more than 3,000 years ago, but now a household pet, what animal am I?  Guinea Pig

7. In which island nation would you come across the Lemur?  Madagascar

8. Now extinct but originally found on Mauritius, what animal am I?  Dodo

9. What is a rhino’s horn made out of?  Keratin (will accept Hair)

10. Which group of mammals are commonly thought of as pouched mammals?  Marsupials

11. The Cottontop tamarin is what type of animal?  A Monkey 

12. True or false? Sharks have been around longer than dinosaurs?  True

13. What bird is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?  Chicken

 14. What is the collective name for a group of owls?  A Parliament

15. Out for a score of zero in cricket is also known as which farm animal?  Duck

16. What is a male donkey called?  Jack

17. Which popular Mexican food means ‘Little Donkey’ in Spanish?  Burrito

18. The national emblem of South Africa and often quoted as the second fastest land animal, what animal am I?  Springbok

19. My name can be roughly translated from ancient Greek to mean river horse, what animal am I?  Hippopotamus

20. What is the only animal to sleep on its back?  Humans

There were plenty of good scores, so well done all. The ‘Not In The Ballroom Quiz’ will appear online at the start of each month for as long as our monthly socials In The Ballroom are suspended because of Covid-19.  We are hoping to be able to bring back the popular tea and talk gatherings before too long.  Keep an eye on this website for news.