Antiques Afternoon October 12th – what have you got?

Bring along your small antique items
Bring along your small antique items

Have you got an old item of jewellery, or porcelain, or a picture, perhaps passed down in the family, which has intrigued you? Could it be a rare antique? Why not bring it along to the Court House at 2pm on Thursday 12th October

The monthly social gathering called ‘In the Ballroom’ will be holding an Antiques Afternoon between 2pm and 4.30pm, when Colin from the Warwick Antiques Centre will give advice and look at any unusual pieces you might like to bring along.

Clearly it might be tricky to get pieces of furniture into the ballroom, but we expect there will be some smaller items brought along for Colin to inspect. (And please note that the Town Council and Unlocking Warwick can’t be responsible for any breakages, so take good care of your items!)

‘In the Ballroom’ costs just £2 per person to cover the cost of tea, coffee and cakes. It’s a great opportunity to chat to new people from Warwick and share memories.