April Quiz Results

Here are the answers to the April edition of the ‘Not In The Ballroom Quiz’ set by Helen Fellows. The theme was geography. Did you lose your bearings, or navigate through some quite difficult questions successfully? 

Here are the answers to the 20 questions. 

1. Which mountain range is often described as the ‘backbone of England’? The Pennines
2. What is the longest river in the UK?  The Severn
3. What is the highest mountain in England?  Skafell Pike
4. In which UK city would you find the River Clyde?  Glasgow
5. Lowestoft is a town in which English county? Suffolk
6. What British island, accessible by road only at low tide, is also known as Holy Island? Lindisfarne
7. What is the UK’s most southerly city?  Truro
8. The M1 connects London to which other English city?  Leeds
9. The Gower Peninsula, South Wales, became the first AONB in 1956 – what does the acronym AONB stand for? Area of Outstanding Natural  Beauty
10. Which river flows through Dublin? The Liffey
11. Alderney is the northernmost inhabited island of which group of islands? The Channel Islands
12. How many USA states begin with the letter A?  Four. (Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona)
13. What is the only major city located on two continents? Istanbul (Europe and Asia)
14. What is the only sea on Earth with no coastline? The Sargasso Sea. (Actually an area of the North Atlantic).
15. What country is called ‘Land of Fire and Ice’?  Iceland
16. What country has the longest coastline in the world? Canada
17. China’s longest land border is with which country?  Mongolia
18. Which stretch of water separates the North and South Island of New Zealand?  The Cook Strait. 
19. What city is built entirely upon a series of small islands?  Venice
20. What is the capital of Vietnam? Hanoi
How did you get on? Top of the Geography class was Edwina McConville with 16 correct answers. Impressive knowledge.
Look out for next month’s quiz to be posted here on June 1st.