Beetlemania in the Ballroom

On 1st February, the social gathering ‘In the Ballroom’ featured a beetledrive, with some very competitive beetling and a lot of laughter. 

Playing in groups of four, guests raced to complete their beetles by first throwing a six to be able to draw a body, then five for the head, and so on – adding the other parts of the anatomy (eyes, feelers, legs and a tail).

After each round two people from each table moved to another position, so there was plenty of time for getting-to-know-you. The players with the highest accumulated score were declared the champions, and the lowest scorers were awarded booby prizes. Afterwards there was plenty of time to chat with tea, coffee and cakes served by the Unlocking Warwick volunteers.

‘In the Ballroom’ happens on the first Thursday of every month from 2pm, and costs just £2. There’s no need to book; just turn up for a friendly afternoon tea with a talk or activity. The next gathering on March 1st will be a chance to hear all about the restoration of the Guy’s Cliffe Garden.