Bingo and Beetle

On September 11th there was surprisingly fierce competition during the table-top games afternoon at the monthly social ‘In The Ballroom’ in elegant surroundings on the first floor of the Jury Street Court House.

Gina started the fun and games with two rounds of Bingo using her vintage hand-wound bingo-ball selector. Then Edwina took over to introduce three rounds of Beetle, with teams racing against time to complete their insects first. 

There were chocolatey prizes for the winners, and everyone enjoyed the tea, coffee and selection of fine cakes that followed the games.

There may be more chocolate to win at the next session of ‘In The Ballroom’ on Tuesday October 9th, when there will be an illustrated talk entitled ‘The Cadbury Story’, telling about the Quaker who opened a shop in Birmingham nearly 200 years ago and went on to build a chocolate empire. And Helen will be giving you some questions to chew on with a confectionary-themed quiz.

So if you know of someone who might particularly enjoy a friendly get-together in central Warwick, suggest they turn up at the Court House for a 2pm start on October 9th. There’s no need to book, and it costs just £2 including the tea and cake.