Careful excavations reveal old well!

Work has now begun to dig a lift shaft down into the basement of the Court House to allow full lift access to the Yeomanry museum. This photo shows the excavation underway from within the building.

Careful excavation of the lift shaft to the basement.

As part of this process the foundations of the building have been carefully uncovered at the rear of the Court House revealing several hidden structures. Firstly there is an unidentified brick structure that was beneath the old toilets – more on that later ….

Secondly, an old well has been discovered at the other side of the building. It appears to be about 6m deep and goes right down into the sandstone bedrock. It will be capped as part of the underpinning of the building needed to complete the works. A photo of the hole revealing the well is shown below.

Hole revealing well beneath the old Court House

A complicated series of works now have to be carried out to ensure that each part of the rear of the building is supported and underpinned before the next part is excavated thereby ensuring that the whole building is fully supported at all times. A process requiring a high level of expertise and very careful consideration!