Court House Tour dates 2017

Easter Saturday will see the resumption of Court House Tours with Unlocking Warwick for the spring and summer. The tours happen approximately once a month, often on a Bank Holiday. 

These free 45-minute tours of the Jury Street Court House and its immediate surroundings tell of the buildings which occupied this central site since the middle ages, the construction of the present stone Court House after the Great Fire of Warwick, and its refurbishment and reopening 3 years ago.

They also serve as an introduction to the rich history of Warwick since it was founded as a fortified town by King Alfred’s daughter over a thousand years ago. 

The tours start at 11am from the Pageant Gardens in Castle Street behind the Court House. Numbers have to be limited for safety and practical reasons, so it is worth getting to the Visitor Information Centre in good time to make sure you have a place.  

The tour dates for 2017 are:  April 15th (Easter Saturday),  May 1st (May Day Bank Holiday),  May 29th (Spring Bank Holiday),  July 1st,  August 5th,  August 28th (Bank Holiday),  and September 9th (Heritage Open Day).

You can check to make sure a tour is going ahead as planned by calling the Visitor Information Centre on 01926 492212 or by emailing