Do you know your Geography?

April’s ‘Not in the Ballroom Quiz’ set by Helen Fellows tests you knowledge of geography. Twenty questions as usual, some about the UK, some about places further afield. 

Email your answers to    Helen will declare a winner and we’ll post the answers in a week from now on 8th April. There are no prizes – just a warm glow of satisfaction if you get most of them right. Here we go:

1. Which mountain range is often described as the ‘backbone of England’?
2. What is the longest river in the UK?
3. What is the highest mountain in England?
4. In which UK city would you find the River Clyde?
5. Lowestoft is a town in which English county?
6. What British island, accessible by road only at low tide, is also known as Holy Island?
7. What is the UK’s most southerly city?
8. The M1 connects London to which other English city?
9. The Gower Peninsula, South Wales, became the first AONB in 1956 – what does the acronym AONB stand for?
10. Which river flows through Dublin?
11. Alderney is the northernmost inhabited island of which group of islands?
12. How many USA states begin with the letter A?
13. What is the only major city located on two continents?
14. What is the only sea on Earth with no coastline?
15. What country is called ‘Land of Fire and Ice’?
16. What country has the longest coastline in the world?
17. China’s longest land border is with which country?
18. Which stretch of water separates the North and South Island of New Zealand?
19. What city is built entirely upon a series of small islands?
20. What is the capital of Vietnam?

Good luck.