Excellent feedback from our Christmas Regency Ball!

After our revival Regency ball just before Christmas, we asked guests to email their feedback about the event. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive!

Remember that there is a display of photographs of the ball in the Visitor Centre at the Court House.

Here’s a selection of the things people said about our ball…………

“We really enjoyed the evening and we would be very interested in attending a further Christmas Regency Ball. Thank you for organising such a lovely evening. I thought the ball was excellent and should be an annual event.”

“My wife and I want to say how much we enjoyed the ball on Saturday. As experienced Regency dancers, we have attended many Georgian and Regency Balls, and yours was one of the best! Particular likes were the young musicians playing at the start, the canapés during the interval and the little playlet just after the interval. As we looked around, everyone was enjoying themselves. Warwick people are so friendly. Please will you hold another Regency Ball?”

“A note of thanks for the splendid occasion last night. The attendees in their various costumes made it a colourful, grand and near-regal event. The food, which was most imaginative, being served on platters delivered to us where we stood or sat, was brilliant and avoided those silly queues where you stand in line for ages. The young people in the ‘playlet’ carried it off masterfully. Thank you to all the volunteers of the Unlocking Warwick project for putting together a very memorable experience.”

“We really enjoyed the event; it was well organised and had a lovely atmosphere. We would love to go to another, and an annual ball nearish but not too close to Christmas (similar to this year) would get our vote.”

“Just to say that we all really enjoyed the Ball on Saturday. It was very well organised, with excellent dance tuition, delicious canapés, fantastic setting – it all made for a splendid evening.”

“What an absolute triumph! The ballroom was buzzing with Regency glitz and glamour, and comments from everyone I spoke to were glowing. There was lots of encouragement for an annual event, and for other similar evenings featuring other historical periods. I think the presence of Liz Bartlett and the dance experts from Bath really brought the evening to life – her dance instruction was excellent and fun.”

“It was great value for money, a good mix on dancers v non dancers -all enthusiastic and in costume, posters etc gave people something to look at, volunteers very friendly, musicians at start and little play gave it a bit extra….and I think anyone would be proud to have organised it as well. Best wishes for the future of the Ballroom, and I hope that it becomes a popular venue in Warwick after its refurbishment.”

“Wonderful evening tonight at our beautiful Court House! “(Tweeted by — Moira-Ann Granger, Mayor of Warwick)