Excellent Response to War Memorial Appeal

The Warwick Courier has been carrying our stories from the war memorial for the past two months.

There has been a heartening response to Unlocking Warwick’s appeal to the public for pictures and information about the 112 WW2 names on the Warwick war memorial in Church Street. Many said they had seen the series of features in the Warwick Courier called ‘Stories from the War Memorial’, and then contacted the Courier or our research project leader, Christine Shaw. 

There have been discoveries about the three Warwick soldiers who were murdered by the SAS in the Wormhoudt Massacre on the road to Dunkirk, the Fighter Ace who shot down at least 17 enemy aircraft, and the brave exploits of the Warwickshire Yeomanry in the Middle East and northern Italy. 

Information is still being received as relatives are contacted, and it is being added to the profiles in the WW2 section of the War Memorial website www.warwickwarmemorial.org.uk

We hope local people will continue to look through their photo albums and send in pictures of those men who died in WW2 and are commemorated on the war memorial. Contact Christine Shaw on info@warwickwarmemorial.org.uk