Fab Feb Quiz

This month’s ‘Not In The Ballroom Quiz’ compiled by Helen Fellows has a music theme. Twenty questions as usual. No Googling now!

So test your music knowledge 🎵🎶 Good Luck

1. Who composed ‘The Four Seasons’ published in Amsterdam in 1725?
2. How old was Mozart when he wrote his first piece?
3. What composition did Sergei Prokoviev write in 1936 about a boy, his grandfather and some animals to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra?
4. What was Yehudi Menuhin’s instrument?
5. In 1954 which pioneering American rock and roll group released the single ‘Rock Around the Clock’?
6. The Beatles regularly played in their early years at which venue in Liverpool?
7. Which knighted Welsh singer found fame in 1965 with his first single ‘It’s Not Unusual’?
8. Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones and Peter Tork were all members of which band?
9. Lulu sang the theme tune to which 1967 film about an inner city school starring Sidney Poitier?
10. Who won (barefoot) the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with Puppet on a String?
11. What was Smokey Robinson’s band called?
12. Which US city is considered to be the capital of country music?
13. Which song about an older woman kicked off Rod Stewart’s solo career in 1971?
14. With which song did ABBA win the 1974 Eurovision Contest?
15. Who is the only musician ever to have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
16. Complete the Cyndi Lauper song title: ‘Girls Just Want to ………’
17. What was the song that Elton John had originally composed in honour of Marilyn Monroe then adapted and sang at Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997.
18. Which novelty act had a Christmas number one in 2000 with, ‘Can We Fix It’?
19. What is the highest selling album of all time? (worldwide)
20. What is the highest selling single of all time? (worldwide)

If you email your answers to info@unlockingwarwick.org we’ll declare a winner and post the correct answers in a week from now on Monday February 8th. There are no prizes I’m afraid, just the fun of taking part while we are stuck at home. .