Fun and Games in the Ballroom

The August edition of the welcoming social tea ‘In the Ballroom’ on Thursday 2nd featured table-top games and craft activities. 

Guests enjoyed playing bingo, trying shove ha’penny, table skittles, yahtzee and other games, and enjoyed a fiendish quiz about ballgames. (E.g. What game starts with a tip-off?  And how many players are there in a polo team?). And some tried making their own greetings cards. There was tea and cake as usual, and plenty of time to chat and make friends.

The next In the Ballroom will be on Thursday 6th September. It will be a delicious Cream Tea and you can join in with classic music hall songs from the Singwell Community Choir.

It starts at 2pm and costs just £2. There’s no need to book, just turn up and enjoy the afternoon. If you know of someone who doesn’t get out much and would enjoy two hours of friendly company In the Ballroom, why not bring them along?