History in the Sunshine

Unlocking Warwick’s Court House Tour on Easter Saturday coincided with a holiday weekend of record-breaking temperatures. It was more like mid-July than mid-April, so it was a lovely day for visitors to stroll round the Grade-1 listed building and hear about its history, before exploring the rest of the town on market day.

Tricia Scott explained how the Court House had been constructed in the early 18th century after The Great Fire of Warwick had damaged the original building on this central site. And she introduced the guests to the origins of Warwick itself 1100 years ago, the construction of the castle immediately after the Norman invasion, and some of the history of the powerful Earls of Warwick in Tudor Times. 

The next Court House Tour will be during the next Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday 4th May, from 11am to 11.45am. These tours are free to attend. Just turn up at the Visitor Information Centre in the Jury Street Court House. There are no courts in the building these days. It is the Town Hall, with a Regency ballroom on the first floor, the Visitor Centre with a display area, and in the basement, the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum, open at weekends and on bank holidays.