‘In The Ballroom’ in April called off

A lot of the guests at ‘In The Ballroom’ are seniors, regarded as in the vulnerable category.

With the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic rapidly getting worse, it has been decided to call off the next scheduled session of the social gathering ‘In The Ballroom’ on April 8th.

We are sorry to disappoint the many Warwick residents who look forward to this friendly get-together each month, with a talk, a quiz, tea, coffee and cake, and time to chat. But we are sure it is much better to be safe than sorry. The experts are predicting a lot more coronavirus cases in the coming weeks. It is not just like flu, as some people say. This virus is much more contagious and has a much higher death rate, particularly among the elderly and ‘vulnerable’ groups.

Unlocking Warwick’s Ann Lettis, who leads the team organising In The Ballroom, says, ‘We are very much aware that a lot of the guests coming to In The Ballroom are in this higher-risk category. It would be irresponsible of us to ask them to sit closely together for up to two hours, when it is pretty clear that the guidance in the coming days will be for people to avoid such close contact occasions. They may even be banned. So we decided to tell all the regular guests at the March 11th session that the April session won’t go ahead. They seemed to understand. We all hope for the best with this virus, but must plan for the worst and take precautions.’

So the next scheduled edition of ‘In The Ballroom’ will be on May 13th at 2pm in the Jury Street Court House. The Unlocking Warwick team and the Town Council will monitor the virus situation closely, and follow official advice. 

Keep an eye on ‘News and Events’ on this website to see if the May edition will go ahead as planned. We hope it will.