Jubilee Cream Tea – Pictures

The June session of our social get-together “In The Ballroom’ concluded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with a splendid Cream Tea with traditional tabletop games.

There was Gina’s vintage bingo, three rounds of ‘Beetle’ organised by Edwina, and a Royal Family Quiz devised by Helen. How well do you know your royals? For example, how many great-grandchildren does the Queen have?

There were plenty of guests who knew many of the answers, and the winner of the quiz got every question right. (The Queen has 12 great-grandchildren). Here is a picture gallery of the enjoyable Royal occasion. 

The next session of In The Ballroom will be on Wednesday 13th July at 2pm, when Christine Ramsey will be demonstrating how to dry and arrange flowers from your garden or from the wild, to create long-lasting displays. 

You’ll need to book a place, so contact the Visitor Information Centre if you would like to come along: 01926 492212