June Brain Teaser

Here is your Unlocking Warwick ‘Not In The Ballroom Quiz’ for June compiled by Helen Fellows. She calls it a mixed bag of General Knowledge questions.

If you want to email your answers to info@unlockingwarwick.org, we’ll declare a winner on Sunday. No prize. Just for fun. 

1. What does BBC stand for?
2. What nut is used to make marzipan?
3. What element does ‘Pb’ represent on the periodic table?
4. Who was British Prime Minister before Margaret Thatcher?
5. What’s the name of the river that runs through Glasgow?
6. Which English town has football teams called United and Wednesday?
7. What’s the name of the Royal family’s castle in Scotland?
8. What was the name of Henry VIII’s last wife?
9. Who is Andy Murray’s tennis playing brother?
10. Where would you find the Golden Gate Bridge?
11. What sport did Fred Perry play?
12. What’s the capital of Finland?
13. How many makes up a baker’s dozen?
14, Who was the president of the United States of America before Donald Trump?
15. Who painted the Water Lilies?
16. Lemurs are only native to one country, which one is it?
17. What is the largest muscle in the body?
18. Who wrote The Handmaid’s Tale?
19. What country is famous for inventing the Taco, Burrito and Quesadilla?
20. Running in the West End since 1952, what is the name of the longest running theatre production?

How did you do? There are a few tricky ones there. The answers will appear here on 6th June.