June Quiz – The Answers

The Not-in-the-Ballroom Quiz for June devised by Helen Fellows had British History as its theme.  How did you get on? Here are the answers.

1. Aquae Sulis was the Roman name for which English city?   Bath                                                    2. Boudicca was the queen of which Celtic tribe?  Iceni
3. Where did the English army defeat the Vikings in 1066 before marching south to fight the Normans at the Battle of Hastings?  Stamford Bridge
4. What in a Medieval English town was the ‘shambles’?   c) A meat market
a) A place where the poorest people lived
b) A rubbish dump
c) A meat market
d) A graveyard
5. Which two houses clashed in the Wars of the Roses? Lancaster and York
6. Who was Henry Vlll’s last wife? Catherine Parr
7. Who was the mother of James I of England (VI of Scotland)?  Mary Queen of Scots
8. Who was the ringleader of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605? Robert Catesby
9. Which British coin has a fixed value of 21 shillings? The guinea
10. What was the name given to textile workers who opposed modernisation during the 19th century?  Luddites
11.  Ada Lovelace 1815-52 was a gifted mathematician and was an important figure in the early history of the computer. Who was her famous father?  Lord Byron
12. How many British monarchs were Emperors/Empresses of India?  Five  (Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII – although not crowned he was technically king until he abdicated, and George VI). 
13. During which war did the Charge of the Light Brigade occur? Crimean War
14. What was the name given to the members of the league of women who campaigned for the rights of women to vote? Suffragettes or Suffragists
15. What was the codename for the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in May 1940? Dynamo
16. What was the name of the main site for British Codebreakers during WW2? Bletchley Park
17. Which Nobel Prize did Winston Churchill win? Literature
18. After Henry VIII, who was the next member of British Royalty to get divorced? Princess Margaret
19. The tense relationship that occurred between the UK, USA and the Soviet Union following WW2 was known as the what war? The Cold War
20. Which British car manufacturer launched the mini in 1959? BMC – British Motor Corporation

And the winner is…. for the second month running …. Neale Murphy, the Mayor of Warwick! Honestly. He got 15 correct answers out of 20.  Well done, Mr. Mayor. You know your British history. Doubles all round!

Look out for the next Not-in-theBallroom Quiz at the beginning of July, and try your hand by emailing your answers to info@unlockingwarwick.org