Justice comes down for a makeover!

Scaffolding has now been put up on the old Court House and on Tuesday, 30th October the statue of ‘Justice’ was lifted free of her fixings and carefully lowered onto a waiting lorry.

The statue has now been taken to the Skillingtons workshop in Grantham for renovation.


The lead statue of the classical figure representing the principle of justice appears to have been filled with concrete and was fixed via iron armatures below and an iron tie connecting it to the back of the niche in which she has stood for the past 280 years or so.

The statue was thought to be of stone but on closer inspection turns out to be lead with a stone effect paint applied. Thought to be designed by one Thomas Stayner she has been missing her sword since the 1950’s and this will be one of the aspects of her restoration.



The Royal coats of arms and that of the town of Warwick below will be restored whilst in their current position – a debate is currently being held as to whether the current colour scheme should be retained or an attempt made to return to a more original treatment which may involve no colour at all – more on that as it develops!