Looking at Antiques in the Ballroom

The October edition of the social group, ‘In the Ballroom’ held on 12th, featured a mini antiques roadshow and attracted 40 local people, some bringing along their own items of interest.

Colin Waite from the Warwick Antiques Centre, just across the road from the Jury Street Court House, talked about the antiques business and then assessed some of the old items, including chinaware, vases, jewellery, watches and old coins.  

There were no spectacular discoveries as on the BBC TV programme, but there were some interesting items to identify and talk about.

Then as usual there was time for tea, coffee and some nice cake served by Unlocking Warwick volunteers. The next ‘In the Ballroom’ social gathering will be on Thursday 9th November at 2pm, and will feature demonstrations of festive flower arranging for Christmas.