Market Day!

This latest picture of Locked Down Warwick was taken by Jenny Worrall on her way to Boots at 10am on Saturday morning when in normal times the weekly market would be in full swing. But these are far from normal times and the No Entry signs seem to say it all. 

Here are Jenny’s thoughts about the atmosphere in the centre of town.

It’s very strange to find the town centre so quiet, with just silent queues for Sainsbury’s and Marks. Normally this marketplace would be busy with the wonderful Saturday market and full of people. 
The advantages though are I can hear much more birdsong than normal, everyone I pass (at an appropriate distance! 😊) smiles and says hello, and it’s much easier to cross the road!  
I moved to Warwick 3 years ago and I love the community spirit and friendliness here. I always shop at the market if I can and have been trying to support local businesses through the ‘We Deliver – Warwick’ Facebook group. I have found some I didn’t know about who I will now be frequenting in person after this strange time. And the friends I would normally meet at Coffee #1 on a Saturday morning I am having virtual coffee with, and hopefully virtual G&T for Easter. 
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