Maurice Rogers gives talk and tour on Sandstone

On Tuesday 26th February, Maurice Rogers, expert on building stone and stone consultant on the Unlocking Warwick project, gave a talk and tour to the West Midlands Architects Conservation Group.

Maurice gave a very detailed talk on the issues surrounding the sourcing, selection and testing of the sandstone used in the restoration of the Court House. Maurice spent his working life as a materials scientist and more recently has turned his attention to the difficult issues surrounding the selection of stone to be used in historic buildings conservation.

Because of its porous and variable nature, new sandstone must be very carefully matched up with original material as failure to do so will result in problems with the premature weathering of the building material.

Maurice has produced a short book on this subject which can be obtained by contacting Maurice – his email is

Below are pictures of Maurice delivering his talk and a group of architects awaiting the tour of the building to see the results of repairs.