Photos of the statue of Justice being restored.

On Tuesday 5th February, Francis Godwin, Unlocking Warwicks’ community engagement officer, and Keith Hamilton, project architect, visited the workshops of Eura in Telford where the restoration of the statue of Justice is being carried out.

The cast, lead statue was in a poor state of repair when she was lowered onto a waiting lorry back in late October last year. On close inspection she was found to be very weak at certain points, her right (dexter) hand was extremely badly corroded and of course her sword has been missing for many years. At some point it seems that she has lost her back and was filled with rubble and plaster and an iron armature fixed vertically inside with which to secure the statue to the building. It may be that she has actually tipped forward in the past prompting these rather makeshift repairs.

At the Eura workshop the statue has had all of the rubble removed from within and an intricate steel armature constructed to hold her very solidly in shape. Repairing welds have been made where necessary and a new right hand added with which she will hold her new sword.

Below are a series of photos of the statue in the workshop – it seems that our Justice is a very good quality sculpture which can be seen by the level of detail in the face, hair and feet!