Poor Old Tree

One of the big trees in the Pageant Garden behind the Court House has been condemned by the experts and will soon be coming down. 

It’s a large chestnut standing towards the back of the garden and may date back to the 19th century. But its time will soon be over.  Here’s what the Warwick District Council’s team have concluded after an inspection.

“The tree is sadly in decline structurally; previous attempts to brace the tree have now failed; the tree has significant cavities below large parts of the tree which could fall and were assessed as high risk. Some prominent branches extending over the grass have structural weaknesses. The tree also has several diseases which will only heighten its demise. Considering its location in a high footfall area, including wedding parties, the decision was taken to remove it.”

The tree is now taped off and will be removed in the coming weeks. The District Council says a replacement will be planted in a similar position later in the year – the size and type to be decided.