Popular Heritage Tours

The two Court House Tours conducted on the last day of the Heritage Open Days period proved extremely popular, with a total of 33 people enjoying a stroll round the Grade-1 listed building and hearing something of the history of the county town. 

Most of the guests who came live in Warwickshire; many had been enjoying free visits to other places of interest in the county during Heritage Open Days. 

During the Court House Tour, guides Sue and Rick told how Warwick was founded in the tenth century by Aetheflaed, Alfred the Great’s daughter, with Warwick Castle one of the first fortifications to be built by the Normans after the 1066 invasion.

The Court House building at the central crossroads was constructed by Francis Smith after the Great Fire of Warwick had devastated the centre of town in 1694.

Unlocking Warwick’s  tours have now finished with the end of the summer season, but are likely to resume on selected Saturdays and Bank Holidays from Easter next year. If a group or organisation is keen to have a bespoke tour, they should email info@unlockingwarwick.org, and we may be able to arrange it.