Quiz for May – The Answers

Here are the answers to Helen Fellows’ quiz for May. (Unlocking Warwick’s monthly socials “In The Ballroom” usually feature a quiz devised by Helen. During the lockdown she’s still creating a quiz each month for us to try at home).

Twenty questions. No prizes. (No looking up the answers please!) With everyone particularly appreciating the birdsong this spring, with less traffic noise and no aircraft, Helen decided to have Birds as the theme this time. It’s quite a tough quiz.  

  1. Early in the morning during the spring, birds sing to defend their territories and to attract a mate. What is this called? The Dawn Chorus
  2. Which family of birds does the robin belong to? Chats or Flycatchers. But if you said Thrushes score a point. Robins used to be classed as a member of that family. 
  3. What is the largest bird in the UK? White Tailed Sea Eagle
  4. What is the smallest bird in the UK? Goldcrest (or Firecrest)
  5. Which bird is also known as the hedge sparrow? Dunnock
  6. What is the bird on the RSPB logo? Avocet
  7. A male swan is called a cob. What is a female swan called?  A pen
  8. What is a baby pigeon called? A squab
  9. What is the oldest known fossil bird? Archaeopteryx
  10. Humboldt, gentoo, macaroni and chinstrap are all types of which birds? Penguins
  11. Which bird still in existence has the longest wingspan in the world?  Albatross
  12. What is special about the bones of most birds? They are hollow or honeycombed
  13. What is the study of birds’ eggs called? Oology
  14. Which country has more species of flightless birds than any other country? New Zealand
  15. Budgerigars are found in the wild in which country? Australia
  16. What bird is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru?  Condor (specifically the Andean Condor)
  17. What was Long John Silver’s parrot named? Captain Flint
  18. The word ‘halcyon’ pertains to which bird? Kingfisher
  19. What is the name given to a flock or gathering of crows? A murder of crows
  20. An exaltation is a group of which birds? Larks

How did you get on? If you got more than half of them right, email info@unlockingwarwick.org with your score, and we’ll declare a winner in a few days’ time.