Renovation work underway on old Court House!

Work is now in full swing on the old Court House, the building is fully scaffolded, the statue of ‘Justice’ taken down and away for repairs and work inside the building has begun.

The floor of the ballroom has now been lifted revealing the old beams that look like they may need replacing and the sash windows have been removed for repair.

The old lift has been taken out and the shaft will now be extended downwards to the basement allowing the new lift to give full access to the Yeomanry museum. The good news here being that the foundations will allow for a hydraulic lift as opposed to a slower screw type. One of the major pieces of structural work is the creation of access to the new lift in the basement which will mean making a opening through at least four feet of old stonework!

The stud wall that separated the old court room from the town clerks office has now been taken out so that the main ground floor space is now once again as originally built – this space will form the new hub of the Court House containing the tourist information office.

Meanwhile in the basement the fixtures and fittings of the Yeomanry museum are being removed and decisions being taken as to whether to replace and reroute all of the old heating pipes and exactly how to rebuild the extensive display cases that form the greatest part of the museum.

Here’s a selection of photos I took earlier in the week!

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