Stars of the Night

‘Stars of the Night’ was the title of the talk during the monthly social ‘In The Ballroom’ at the Court House on 11th April. Volunteer Gina Tipton writes: 

‘A fascinating talk today from our very own Tricia Scott, who is also chair of the Warwickshire Bat Group. Did you know that bats have been around for 50 million years, or that 1 in 4 mammals is a bat? Or that their young are called pups, and they are the only mammal capable of true flight?  They can live over 20 years and one has been found to be 46 years old….. Among the facts we learnt are that they are not blind and they are absolutely NOT flying mice!’

The quiz devised by Helen Fellows that followed the talk had a theme of UK wildlife.

The next edition of ‘In The Ballroom’ will  be on May 10th at 2pm, when Anthony Paulton-Smith will explore the origins of your surnames. Reserve your place at the Visitor Information  Centre. 01926 492212.