Thank you, Karen

Karen Parker speaks for the Statue of Justice

Karen Parker, the Chair of Unlocking Warwick for many years, has decided to resign from the volunteer group. 

Karen has made a huge contribution to the successful community work of Unlocking Warwick. As our Chair she was always calm, thorough and courteous. As coordinator of the Court House Tours group, she ensured that our advertised tours were always delivered, leading many of them herself, and making sure we had health and safety guidelines in place. 

She also organised some special events in the ballroom, and was always supportive of our dramas and the annual Regency ball, serving canapes and drinks in the bar. She even became the voice of the Statue of Justice on the multi-media virtual tour of the Court House. 

The members of the group thank her warmly, and wish her well in the future.

There is now vacancy for the Chair of Unlocking Warwick. It is hoped someone will step forward soon to take on that role.