Court House History

The timeline below covers the major events in the history of the Court House – both the original building in the Market Place and the current building which replaced it.

1510: Court House site granted to William Compton, constable of the Castle (Read more…)

1554: Charter of Queen Mary grants the Court House to the Corporation (Read more…)

1593: Okens Chest made to contain the evidences of Nicholas Eyffeler (Read more…)

1613: Corporation agree to hold their weekly meetings at the “Parlour by the Cross” (Read more…)

1694: September 5. Great Fire. Court House (Mayor’s Parlour) sustains damage (Read more…)

1731: Final Stages of Building the Court House (Read more…)

1851: Okens Chest restored and painted with the town arms and Thomas Oken’s initials (Read more…)

1856: Henry VIII charity agree the needful repairs (Read more…)

1906: The Warwick Pageant (Read more…)

1914: Pageant House and Court House requisitioned as army pay office (Read more…)

1945: Post WWII changes (Read more…)

1953: Petty Sessions court replaces borough sessions (Read more…)

1974: End of petty sessions court in Court House (Read more…)

1975: Tourist Office set up in Court House (Read more…)

By 2009 the building was in need of significant repairs, together with alterations to improve accessibility. The refurbishment project saw the building reopen in 2014 as a cultural centre for the Town.