Visit the Court House

In the summer months Unlocking Warwick members conduct 45-minute free tours of the Court House and its surrounds, to explain the story of the building, and to give a flavour of the town’s history, from the founding by King Alfred’s daughter in 914 to the reconstruction in Georgian style after the Great Fire, and the harsh justice meeted-out by the court magistrates in Victorian times.

The free Court House Tours take about 45 minutes
The free Court House Tours take about 45 minutes

Dates and times of tours are posted in the Visitor Information Centre and on the News section of this website.

Educational Visits. The volunteers are happy to arrange visits by schoolchildren, with stories and activities tailored to their age-group. For example, a visit by a class of young children from a local primary school was part of a project about the Great Fire of Warwick. They produced an imaginative display of pictures of what the town would have looked like on the day of the fire in 1694.

If you are planning to visit the Court House, please be aware that there are two former courts in Warwick. Ours is on Jury Street, postcode CV34 4EW. (The other is the former County Court on Northgate Street).