They Came from Far and Wide

Sixty-two people came to enjoy Unlocking Warwick’s Court House Tours for the Heritage Open Days Weekend on 21st September. 

As well as some local people who wanted to know more about Warwick’s history, many of the guests had come to Warwick from far and wide – within the UK from Essex, Cheshire, Gloucestershire and Greater Manchester – and from Sweden, the Netherlands and India.

In beautiful weather, the visitors heard about the origins of the town in Anglo-Saxon times, the building of castle after the Norman invasion, the feudal rule of the Earls of Warwick, and the gradual development of the Guilds and then a Borough Council to administer the town. 

The Court House/Town Hall was constructed after The Great Fire of Warwick had devastated the town centre in 1694. The guests on the tours heard about the refurbishment of the Grade-1 listed building between 2010 and 2014, and they were able to visit the Council Chamber and the restored Regency ballroom on the first floor which is often used for private functions and community events. Here’s a picture gallery from the day:

Heritage Open Days weekend marks the end of this season’s free Court House Tours by Unlocking Warwick, but if an organisation or school would like a specially arranged tour, contact us on and the volunteers will aim to organise it on a suitable date.