Uncovering and making good – the work continues!

It seems now that we are firmly in the middle of the process of repair and renovation at the old Court House – it’s all going on! New joists are being installed in the ballroom floor, the statue of Justice is being renovated at a workshop in Telford, new heating is being installed and the excavation of the new lift shaft is continuing.

Back in November huge cracks were discovered on the first floor where it appears that the building was extended rearwards some time in the past. It seems that the old stonework was not tied in to the new brickwork!

The second photo below shows the now fully repaired wall – all tied together and shipshape!


The photos below show the huge pit that is being excavated in order to install the new lift.  The next stage will be for the foundations of the building to be underpinned before finally digging right down to a metre below the basement floor level.  In the second picture you can see the basement through the small hole in the side of the pit!