Warwick Following the Rules

Ten days into the ‘lockdown’ restrictions, the food shops in Warwick are operating successful queueing systems, restricting the number of people inside at any one time to avoid any crowding.

It’s one customer at a time; as one leaves another is allowed in. There are long queues at certain times of the day, but they move forward relatively quickly, with two-metre social distancing marks on the pavement.  It’s clear that Warwick people are patiently following the rules and keeping sensible distances.

The supermarkets seem to have replenished their stock after the first wave of so-called panic buying, so there’s plenty of produce on the shelves, including toilet rolls! Thanks are due to the staff who are still working in our supermarkets and food shops.

If anyone can’t get out for essential supplies, COVID-19 MUTUAL AID, Warwick and Leamington, is a local community group offering support. If you need some help getting groceries or medicine, fill in a request here: https://warwickleamingtoncovidhelp.wordpress.com/request-help Or email: warwickleamingtoncovidhelp@yahoo.com

If you want to volunteer for this local support group, sign up using the form at www.warwickleamingtoncovidhelp.co.uk