Warwickshire Yeomanry museum will be fully accessible!

For many years the basement of the Court House has held the museum collection of the Warwickshire Yeomanry – unfortunately due to lack of a lift and steps on all entrances the Court House in general and the museum in particular have not been accessible to wheelchair users – with the refurbishment currently underway this is all about to change for the better.

The Warwickshire Yeomanry  was  formed in 1794  to counter the threat of  Napoleonic Invasion.Over the years they formed an active cavalry regiment which  became an armoured regiment during the Second  World War, see  http://www.warwickshire-yeomanry-museum.co.uk/

Up till now there has been no lift access down to the museum and there has been problems with the cold and damp – the basement now has a good heating system, an air circulation system and linings protecting the display cases from water that may seep in from the road outside.

Newly lined window recesses in the basement will ensure that the display cases stay dry!

As work in the basement progresses new access to the rear of the building is being built where new steps fitted with a chair lift will allow full wheelchair access to the building which now has a lift to all floors – quite a design feat in an old building like the Court House!

The new steps to the rear of the Court House will be fitted with a stair lift to enable wheelchair access to the building.