Round Pounds – Deadline 15th Oct

Have you still got any?
Have you still got any?

This is just a reminder to all the followers of Unlocking Warwick that old pound coins will cease to be legal tender at midnight on Sunday 15th October. So make sure you haven’t got any hidden away in the piggy bank or at the back of the sofa.

Shops will not accept the round pounds from Monday 16th. If you are given change with the old pound in it, you have the right to refuse it and ask for a new one. 

After October 15th, if you find an old round pound, you will be able to exchange it for a new twelve-sided one at the Post Office or at a bank.

And here’s a quiz question for you. In which year was the round pound coin introduced, replacing the £1 note? Here’s a clue. It was the year Margaret Thatcher won a landslide victory over Michael Foot’s Labour Party.