Your Pictures of Locked Warwick

Rush hour in Warwick!  These pictures were sent in by Jenny Worrall and were taken at about 8.30am on a Wednesday. Normally there would be queues of traffic along all these roads at that time on a weekday.  Can you recognise them with no vehicles?

The silver lining to the Covid-19 cloud is better air quality in Warwick, and it is very much quieter, with fewer cars and no aircraft. The spring birdsong is much clearer and more appreciated. 

If you have some pictures of locked-down Warwick that you would like to share, email them to and we’ll try to show some of them on this website under ‘News and Events’. 

  1. Coventry Road approaching Warwick
  2. Coventry Road going out of town
  3. Cape Road
  4. Lakin Road leading to Warwick Hospital