In the Ballroom 17th August

It was a full house for the August edition of ‘In the Ballroom’, the welcoming social group at the Jury Street Court House.

The speaker this month was Gill Fletcher, a keen amateur photographer who takes the pictures for the Warwick Court Leet. She showed some of her wildlife photos from around the world and pictures of the sky at night, including the Northern Lights seen in Norway. 

Gill said the secret of getting good photos of the wild world is to be in the right place at the right time, with the right light, and with plenty of patience. 

After tea and cake, some of the guests produced old photos of Warwick and several illustrated booklets, which sparked some round-table discussions and memories of buildings that have gone or changed in past years, such as the Cape Road prison, now demolished, and town centre shops that have now become cafes.

The next edition of ‘In the Ballroom’ will be on September 14th and is billed as an Activities Afternoon. Speakers from St. Mary’s will talk about some of the community events coming up at the Collegiate Church, including the Christmas Tree Festival, and plans for next year’s huge display of locally-made poppies marking the centenary of the end of WW1.

There will be a chance to make some poppies, and try other craft activities, as well as a quiz and the usual ‘In the Ballroom’ tea and cakes.