Our War Memorial Project

Unlocking Warwick’s major project in 2018 marking the centenary of the World War One Armistice has been launched with the unveiling of a special website and an appeal to local people for information.

The Warwick War Memorial in Church Street has the names of 358 men, and one woman, who lived in Warwick and died in WWI. Our researchers aim to find the human stories behind the names, to be posted on a searchable website www.warwickwarmemorial.org.uk   

The basic information about each of The Fallen has been entered from various official records. Now we are appealing to the people of Warwick to send us their photos of relatives who died, letters or other information about those from the town who went off to the war in 1914-18 and did not return.  Information can be emailed to project leader Christine Shaw at info@warwickwarmemorial.org.uk   

Or you can leave photos and info at the Visitor Information Centre in the Jury Street Court House, clearly marked ‘Unlocking Warwick’ and with your address, so that we can copy material and return it to you. 

The website also has a number of features about how the Great War affected Warwick, the prominent role played by the local regiments, the memorials in other parts of town such as churches, museums and schools, and the story of the memorial itself, unveiled before a huge crowd in 1921. There is also an interactive map showing where in Warwick the Fallen lived before going to war. 

The website will post news about the various events taking place in Warwick in 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, which came into effect on 11th November 1918. 

The section called ‘Do Your Own Research’ lists all the sources that can be used to find information about a relative. The Warwick War Memorial website aims to pull together all that information in one place, as a tribute to those who lost their lives, and also as a permanent resource for schools, historians, academics and local people keen to know more about family members who died in WWI.

The Warwick War Memorial Project was supported by a Community Grant from Warwick Town Council which paid for the design and construction of the website.  Look at it here: www.warwickwarmemorial.org.uk